Checking in

Feeling pretty unhappy with the world, and mourning with all around good guy John Cole who lost his marvelous cat, Tunch, unexpectedly this weekend. In Tunch’s honor, everyone is encouraged to donate to MARC, an animal rescue resource. And it … Continue reading


Why yes, I’ve been messing around with the web site. How could you tell? Anyway, the background is a picture of clary sage, Salvia sclarea, the plant I named my publishing company after. The photo is by Nicolas Shan, from … Continue reading

Escape from Jesus Island

My friend Shawn French is a writer and artist. His best known effort was creating a (hard core) indie-produced horror film named The Wrong House. Currently he’s involved in writing and organizing a graphic novel called Escape from Jesus Island, … Continue reading

About Jamey…

I don’t want to repost what I said over on Fierce Planet, but did want to note here that last week, suddenly and without warning, our cat Jamey passed away from cardiomyopathy. Basically his heart had a genetic problem and … Continue reading