Friday check-in

All is well in my world. I’m writing, both fiction (the Faolan story) and non-fiction (a book on growing marijuana in Colorado). My only problem, of course, is well-explained by this picture. I found it on Twitter and I’d love … Continue reading


Why yes, I’ve been messing around with the web site. How could you tell? Anyway, the background is a picture of clary sage, Salvia sclarea, the plant I named my publishing company after. The photo is by Nicolas Shan, from … Continue reading

This week

We had a nice time with family, though the long hours of travel were stressful. Very happy to be home. It would be nice to have this outside my house every day: But I couldn’t live with the humidity. This … Continue reading


Writing is a subconscious art, not a conscious one. You heard your first story before you could speak, so your subconscious knows a lot more about writing than your conscious brain ever will. — Kristine Kathryn Rusch … Continue reading