Monday Links

So, did everyone catch HBO’s first episode of Game of Thrones last night? I thought it was fantastic. Scary, beautiful, full of weirdness and fascinating characters. Everything a fantasy should have. Can’t wait for it to continue.

Anyway, in various bits of e-publishing news:

• Neil at Ebook Comments has put together a wonderful set of charts with commentary following the recent news from AAP that sales of ebooks have overtaken the sales numbers of various print editions. Ebooks remain the fastest-growing segment of the publishing market. These are all traditionally published works; the numbers don’t include self-published items. Neil really knows the details of these sales numbers, and his is the best discussion I’ve found since this news came out.

• Are you one of the many writers thinking about self-publishing? Anne R. Allen has put together 3 Questions to Ask Before You Jump on the Indie Publishing Bandwagon.

• One question that keeps coming up in various discussion threads is the issue of ebook pricing. Is it possible to “break out” with a book if you buck the cheap book tides and price your work above .99? At that price you have to sell an awful lot of books to make any significant money. So Nathan Bransford’s most recent post is very timely: 99 Cent E-Books and the Tragedy of the Commons. Read the whole thing and learn more about the concept of price discovery.


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