On self-publishing

Links to recent items relevant to self-publishing. Lots of ideas here worth considering.

Dialog between Barry Eisler and Joe Konrath on their decision to self-publish.

Literary agent Ted Weinstein interviews Eisler and Amanda Hocking on “Traditional vs. Self-publishing.

Dean Wesley Smith has a tremendous amount of information on his blog for both traditional and self-publishers. Here is a discussion he has with Eisler and Konrath on paying for self-publishing help. I also appreciated his thoughts in this post which explains why he believes self-publishing is no longer a bad idea.

And finally I read this set of posts, first by Roxane Gay at HTMLGiant responding to the original discussion between Eisler and Konrath. She has been generally disappointed with the quality of writing in the self-published ebooks she’s sampled. But Henry Baum at Self-Publishing Review replies that “Bad Writing Doesn’t Matter Anymore”, which is a view that certainly challenges mainstream thinking on the subject of ebooks.


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