Checking in

My current writing and publishing projects have been keeping me very busy, so I’ve neglected this blog. I’m at my desk working every day, though. My revision of Cassell’s Popular Gardening (Vol. 1) is going very well. It’s a lovely book full of useful information and I’m happy to have a chance to add it to the Clary Books line.

Writing fiction is a harder task, but I continue to plug away on the mystery/thriller that is my work in progress. At this point I’m still quite slow and clumsy at creating fiction, and though it’s a lot of fun it is also nerve-wracking. So I have to carry on, plug away at it a little at a time, and trust that it’s all for the best.

In my downtime I’m working in the garden as usual and also re-reading a number of my favorite old fantasies that are slowly coming out in electronic versions. I’ve been quite frustrated, for example, that Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series is available only in part, making it impossible to read through the story as it should be read. But I was very excited to read that a large backlog of science fiction books is finally being introduced as ebooks, including Marion Zimmer Bradley’s work. In fact I was able to buy several of the omnibus versions of multiple Darkover books. They are a very good deal at $8-9 for two or three books each.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep in touch a little more often. Thanks for dropping by.


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