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Clary Books is the business imprint used by Jennifer Powell for both her self-published works of fiction and nonfiction, and for a new line of reworked public domain texts created from old volumes on gardening and agriculture.

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About Jennifer:

Jennifer’s childhood was split between Toledo, Ohio and rural Mississippi, but through dozens of moves and many different houses she always carried notebooks full of stories she wrote for herself. Later she escaped her family and lived for several years on a communal farm in the Missouri Ozarks. She then moved to Tucson, Arizona where she worked in food co-ops, became a typesetter, and devoted many days and nights to political and community organizing.

Over the years she submitted her stories to publishers, receiving responses that ranged from the usual form letters to casual encouragement to “Great story, but not for us.” Eventually she set fiction aside, discovered the Internet, wrote tech articles for magazines, and worked several years as a host and manager of various online communities.

Now married and living in Colorado, Jennifer started reading ebooks and then heard about the bright new field of electronic self-publishing. She decided to pick up her stories, dust them off, and send them out into the world at last.

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  1. Hi Jennifer,

    Just wanted to send you a thank you for posting my blog on your website. I really appreciate it.

    thanks again,


  2. Well, you are most welcome, Christopher! I try to gather together stuff I’ll want to find again, and your post was that.

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