Going strong

ROW80I’m not entirely sure why, but the writing has sped along so far this week, and even though it’s only Wednesday I’ve written 1335 new words. This hits my weekly goal and catches up my overall goal, putting me in a good position to actually write some words ahead this week.

I also spent some time looking at possible cover art. I am having fun developing my thoughts on the cover as I write the text. Really, it’s one of the joys of self-publishing: you have control over all the little details of the project. For a certain type of control freak, this is irresistible.

Happy to see the widgets slowly filling up. Still have no true idea how long this book will be, but I’ll keep writing till the very end! (And then on to editing, pictures, etc. :) )

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A solid week

ROW80If not impressive. I wrote 1304 new words this week, so I’m catching up but still behind here in week two. I don’t even have a reason this time. My week was practically languid and I had plenty of time.

I am probably unusual in that way. I have time almost every day to do whatever I like. And I find that it can be harder to get things done if you have no particular deadlines and no boundaries. You have to create your own, every day. And I do create at least some, but boy there is room for improvement.

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A bit behind

Distracted by politics again last week, I wrote only 465 new words on the book. So this week I need to up my goal to 1500 words to catch up. I can do it! But will I? Only time can tell.


Beginning again

ROW80Since the end of the last ROW80, I wrote another 922 words, which is excellent. That included a couple of paragraphs I wrote on New Year’s Day simply to get some numbers going in my 2015 spreadsheet.

I’ve been dithering in my mind about whether to increase my goal this Round, but decided instead to keep my goal from last Round: 1000 words per week, new words not including blog posts or social media. I managed to more or less hit my goal every week at that level and I think it’s more important to make sure I’m writing consistently at this point than to try and push further right now.

I think this post will serve for the Wednesday check-in. I’ll report back on Sunday. As always, here is the blog hop list for today’s check-in. Let’s go see what everyone else’s goals will be.


Merry ROW80, everyone!

ROW80For this round, I finished 12,026 new words. I’m clearly not going to work today so I’ll leave my last 474 words for the weekend.

I am so happy with how this Round of Words went. It’s really helped me set sustainable goals and settle into a rhythm with writing again. Also, it’s so nice of you all to drop in now and then with encouragement and congrats! That’s meant the world.

I’ve got some pictures for this book that I’m going to work on over the holidays and then I’ll definitely be back Jan. 5th for another ROW80. I hope to see you there, too.

Meanwhile, here’s the blog hop link for the final check-in of this ROW80. I hope everyone is pleased with their own progress as well.


Happy solstice, ROW80!

ROW80This week has gone well, and I finished 1355 new words total. While this passes my week’s goal, it leaves me still slightly behind overall. To reach my overall ROW80 goal, I need to write 1018 more words by the end of Thursday. That’s doable, though I admit to much distraction from Mr. J’s eggnog and the holiday Steam sale (that’s an online games retailer, for those of you not so addicted).

I really don’t want to fall short, so I’m going to push to meet my goal. That would be very inspiring for me, as I tend to slip on these things more than I like.

Today is the Winter Solstice, which is my favorite holiday of the year, both metaphorically and in reality. From here on out the days grow longer. The garden catalogs will be arriving soon and I will be excited about getting my spring greens in. Yay!

Metaphorically, this is the longest night of the year, a time of seeming triumph for the cold and dark. And yet, on the longest night, the inevitable spin of the wheel asserts itself again. Warmth and light and life return to the world in that great blessing of Springtime. Thrills my heart every time.

Here’s the blog hop link for today’s check-in. Just a few days and one last post to go. ROW80 has been a wonderful exercise for me, and I hope it has been for all of you as well.


Pushing on

ROW80I am very pleased with the week so far, especially since Mr. J is on his winter vacation which usually means I don’t want to work. But I’ve gotten 739 new words written this week, which means I only need 1634 more to make my goal for this Round of Words! They haven’t all been exciting words mind you, since this chapter is about houseplant bugs and diseases, but they are useful and they need to be written.

But for now, we’re taking the afternoon off to go see Mockingjay, and I look forward to goofing off.

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Good job, me!

ROW80I am happy to report that I finished 1789 new words this week. This doesn’t quite catch up the full 1000 word deficit I was carrying, but it comes very close.

To do this I had to use an old writer’s trick: I jumped to a new section. Since the technical details in the part I was working on were giving me a lot of trouble, I decided to write a different part that I was more sure of. This actually taught me something, since working on the later parts has helped to clarify how much technical detail might be useful early on. I think I need to learn this lesson over and over again, that when something gets stuck there’s often an actual reason why. It’s not always a simple failure on my part.

As we approach the last days of this round of ROW80, I have so far written 10,127 words. Since my 1000 words/week goal would have me at 12,500 words by the end, I know that I need to get through another 2373 words in the next eleven days. It looks like an entirely doable goal at this point.

Here again is the blog hop link for today’s check-in. I hope everyone else had a good week too.


Late, but okay…

I don’t have a lot to report. I made 1000 words last week, which is the base goal, but didn’t get to 2000. So I enter this week still trying to make up that deficit. We’ll see how it goes!

Here’s the blog hop link so you can go see how everyone else is doing.

Edit to add: Just to make it worth your while for dropping by when I have so little to say, I’ll toss in this video that Hugh Howey made. It’s a tutorial for using Adobe InDesign to turn your electronic manuscript into a .PDF for use at CreateSpace or other paperback publishers. Hugh does his own formatting and you can too!


Filling the widgets

ROW80I’m writing again, and in these two days I’ve written 545 new words. That leaves me a good bit more to write if I’m going to hit this week’s expanded goal of 2000 words, but it’s a start at least.

In the comments on an earlier post, we were talking about “feeding the widgets”, which I admit I find very motivational. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that I keep feeding them regularly through the rest of this ROW80.

As always, here’s a link to the rest of the crew for this check-in. Thanks for stopping by!