Not enough – ROW80 check-in

ROW80Well, I got 514 words this week, so I missed my goal for the first time. I’ve resolved to add the other 500 onto next week’s goal, so next week I need to get 1500 words written.

I took copious extra notes on bits and pieces that I need to write yet, but they aren’t actual new words so they don’t count! Write more, Jennifer. That’s the lesson for next week.

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A few more words…

ROW80I wrote some on Monday, but gave Tuesday up to the election news. I’m a Democrat, and deeply liberal, so gave today up to political analysis of what happened yesterday too.

So tomorrow I’ll get back to work and on Sunday we’ll see whether I make my goal. I really don’t want to break my streak, so I’ll push on that.

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Letting myself draft – ROW80

ROW80I struggle to let the words out. It’s why I’m working with such a small goal for this Round of Words, because my inner editor tends to berate me when my words are imperfect. And they are always imperfect, right? So this Round I am practicing success. I practice letting myself draft. I practice telling the editor to go away for now. Editing will come later.

And this week I met my goal once again, writing 1051 new words over the course of the week. So yay, me!

The worries still haunt me, of course. Going slow is slow, and that does not satisfy in all kinds of ways. I worry that I’ll never finish, and I worry (still) that it will never be better than awful. But here I am, slogging along nonetheless. Thank you, ROW80, for letting me have this space.

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Words – ROW80

Hi folks. We just got in from MileHi Con, where we had a wonderful time. I’m too pooped to type much about it now, but tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll have a few things to say.

But I wanted to report that I did reach my goal this week, writing 1141 new words on the book. That was good progress and I am pleased.

More soon. Hope you’re all meeting your goals.

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Briefly, ROW80 Check-in

ROW80The word count is going well this week. I seem to be past most of the deleting for now, and for Monday and Tuesday finished 528 new words. I only have today and tomorrow to work this week, as Mr. J and I are spending Fri-Sun at Colorado’s MileHi Con, a local science fiction and fantasy convention. But I’m thinking I can hit a thousand words even so. I’ll check in Sunday sometime after we get back.

Hope your goals are going well, everyone!

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What’s in a word count anyway?

ROW80I’m making an executive decision and declaring this week’s word count goal has been met!

I can’t prove it by what shows in my spreadsheet or in Scrivener’s word count. By that count I’ve only gotten 714 more words since last week. But I am certain that I delete at least as many as I wrote, since I’m scrapping a lot of repetitive stuff in the technical sections I am working on now. I’m not only plugging ahead, but rewriting as I go. So I suspect I wrote at least 1500 new words this week, but I have no way to prove it.

Thus: executive decree. I certainly made good progress anyway.

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Wednesday #ROW80 Check-in

ROW80Short and sweet: so far I’ve gotten 417 words of my 1000 word goal for the week. Since I haven’t sat down to write today, there’s a good chance I’ll pass the halfway mark when I do.

I ran into a technical section yesterday where I had to sketch out some notes and then skip on to another section. Since I’m writing for a non-technical crowd, I always have to juggle the presentation of subjects that can have lots of technical detail. Eventually I’ll figure out how much detail really fits, but I’ll need to see the section in context with what’s around it. When you’re writing at book length, there is so much to do that there’s always a section somewhere to work on!


My first week of ROW80

The week has gone well for me. My goal was to write 1000 words of fiction or nonfiction, not counting blog posts and internet blather. I wrote 1143 new words on my nonfiction. I suspect my total word count was higher, but I went back and editing the first couple of chapters and took out many redundant words there so that my word count actually went negative at some points. But I pushed through it all and in the aggregate I more than finished my word goal for the week. I only hope I can stick with it for this entire round.

ROW80One very nice thing about ROW, and something I hadn’t expected, was the kind support from many of you who are also taking part. Both the support and the structure are helpful for me as I try to get back into writing. So thank you all, very much.

See you Wednesday!

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First Wednesday

Just starting on this #ROW80 round. My goal is 1000 words, new words not including blog posts or other internet writing. Yesterday I pulled out my ‘Grow’ nonfiction book. I edited through the first part and wrote 265 new words. That’s a decent start.

I was pleased and a bit confused to find the book had nearly twice as many words written than I had noted on my spreadsheet. Still not sure why that is, but better more done than less!

Still about 750 words to go this week. Onward!

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