Monday Links

Happy Monday, everyone! It’s all thunderstorms all the time here in Colorado, where I’ve been busy working on Clary’s first public domain title, a revised edition of Edgar Warren’s 200 Eggs A Year Per Hen. First published in 1899, this entertaining treatise will be of interest to anyone who raises hens and loves eggs. I’ll post more once it’s published, but it will probably be another week or two. It takes more work than you might expect to adequately review and reformat public domain works for e-publishing.

Meanwhile, let’s have a few links.

• Guido Henkel is one of the premiere ebook formatting gurus we have. His formatting guide is the gold standard for step-by-step HTML ebook formatting. Over at The Book Designer, he’s written about 10 Things You Should Know About E-book Formatting. If Guido thinks you need to know something, you do!

• Google’s getting into the ereader business. They’ve agreed to partner with iRiver on a device that eerily resembles the early Kindle. In this case, the reader will connect directly to Google’s fledgling ebook store.

• Ridan Publishing is a small independent publishing house that has enormous success in the new e-publishing world. Robin Sullivan is the powerhouse behind Ridan, and Alan Jack conducts an Epic Interview with Robin for his blog.

• And finally, a few links on surging ereader sales: Ereader sales continue to outpace tablets; Another report on ereader sales, which points out that ereaders and tablets both still lag behind sales of smart phones and laptops; Bookscan reports that sales of print books continue to drop, while ebook sales are still rising.

Hope your week goes well, and that you enjoy your reading and writing through it all!

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