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Tales of Tahylam

Into the Rift

Into the RiftTahylam is under attack. No one knows where the strange, winged deabru come from, but they drain the life energy from anyone they come across.

The brave warriors of the Ranks fight to keep Tahylam free and its people safe. Vanessa and her friend Rafe are archers in the Ranks, and together they scour the countryside to kill any deabru they find.

Now the Mages have new information about these otherworldly invaders, and Vanessa is called to Courantin Keep to hear the news. And that means she must once again face her mother Vivian, First among the Mages and head of the Keep.

What will Vanessa find when she travels to Courantin? Find out in this short Tale of Tahylam.

(5600 words, about 15 pages)

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Last Night

Last NightDeep in the wildwood a shining blue meadow appears, the birthplace of forest spirits with varying forms, all determined to destroy the people who live nearby. Deyant and her sister Mrinda are among the few of their folk with the power to walk the hidden paths that lead to the meadows. They alone have the ability to twist the connection between the wildwood and its spawn, killing the creatures before they can emerge.

But Deyant and Mrinda have grown apart as Mrinda prepares for her wedding to Johnah. Mrinda has embraced her fiance’s faith, a faith that disapproves of the magical work that has been the focus of Deyant’s life. And Mrinda has another secret that she has not shared with her sister, a secret that could put them both in danger as they walk the paths that lead to the meadow where the forest spawn awaits its birth.

Will the sisters come together to defeat their ancient enemy? Or will Deyant’s anger and Mrinda’s secret bring disaster upon them both? Find out when you read this new fantasy short story by Jennifer Powell, a Clary Books presentation. (4200 words)

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This story was originally written in 1991.

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