Still alive!

I was busy with a work contract last week, so I am a bit behind on the publishing side. I have a list of tasks for the weeks ahead though.

First up is finishing the final proof of Cassell’s Popular Gardening (Vol. 1). After that, I have some revisions of my short story, Last Night, to finalize and republish. Many thanks to Jeanne Miller, also an author and an all-around good person, who provided invaluable feedback on that story.

Then I need to jump back into fiction for a while. I have a few short stories that need to be rewritten before I publish them, as well as two novels in progress, so clearly I need to focus and get some work done. I also have a third public domain gardening book lined up to do next, Ginseng by M.G. Kains, originally published in 1899.

So if I am quiet here, it’s because I’m busy in the background! I do always check email every day, and weekdays I always have a Twitter tab open.

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