Cassell’s Popular Gardening Volume 1 Going Live!!


Finally! It’s taken at least six weeks longer than I expected. Turns out 412 original pages take much more work than 100 pages. I didn’t think to check the length before I started, so my bad! I’m learning with every project though, so there’s good mixed in there too.

I’d hoped to be back into fiction by now, but there’s plenty of winter to go. And I have to say I am incredibly proud of this book. It’s gorgeous, and I worked like a dog to make sure it’s as perfect as it could be.

Once it goes live, I’ll add links on the Farm & Garden Line page. Hopefully within a day or so. I’ve got my fingers crossed for an easy launch.

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2 Responses to Cassell’s Popular Gardening Volume 1 Going Live!!

  1. Good luck with the launch – liking the cover design.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks very much! It’s been a slog, but I am in love with this book.

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