Monday report

Last week was taken up with my husband’s computer dying unexpectedly. We had to rally around to get a replacement ASAP. We’re still dealing with finances and paperwork from the surgery he had recently as well. He’s my best editor and beta reader, and I haven’t sent the story to him yet. But now the computer is all in place, so this week we’ll do a round on the editing.

I’ve already got a general outline of the follow-up story, so that’s up next once this is published. Then I have to get back to the novel. In the meantime, we have tomatoes! Four kinds of tomatoes, along with two kinds of peppers and bunches of eggplants. I’m carrying in baskets of fruit once or twice a week. Last night Mr. J baked pans of tomatoes in his own way that makes them all caramelized and sweet. Very yummy.


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