Yes, this week

Into the Rift coverInto the Rift is finally in its finished state, or as finished as it’s going to get anyway. I have to fiddle with formatting, TOCs, and back matter, but later this week I’ll upload it to the various Amazon stores.

I’ve decided to put the story into Select for three months, which requires me to keep the story exclusive to Amazon for that period. So it will be months yet before it gets published to the Nook, or into Smashwords for wider distribution. My hope is that having a few free days will gain some visibility out of the gate. But I don’t want to stay exclusive to Amazon for long, so after that first 90 days I will publish it elsewhere.

I’ll definitely post here when the free days are, so if you want to pick up a copy for free, please keep an eye on this space. Or, you can sign up for the Clary Books mailing list, and I’ll send a notification right to your inbox.

At any rate, the story will be available soon. I am a sadly slow turtle, but I do get there eventually.

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