Updating the “Resources” page

My Resources for Self-Publishers page gets steady use. It’s always fun to see the page views jump when someone new finds it and explores the links.

It does need some updating, though, so over the next week or two I’ll be going through the links one by one and checking that they still work, and then re-organizing a couple of the sub-sections. I started the list here because I needed to keep all the links I was digging up for my personal use and thought I may as well put them in a public space where others could use them.

Over time the sub-sections have grown so much that they are less useful than I’d like. I particularly want to re-organize the marketing info, and the ‘Random for Writers’ section. I wish I knew how to sub-divide the ‘Services’ sub-sections on Editing and Cover Art, but I haven’t yet thought of an organization that would be useful and also make sense.

Anyway, don’t be surprised if the page shifts around quite a bit over the next couple of weeks as I play with new arrangements.


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