Back on track

ROW80Writing goes well this week. I’m already over 700 words in, so on track to get my 1500 for this week to make up for last week’s deficit. And my mind is full of ideas and paragraphs for what needs to be written next. I’m getting a handle on the voice I want the book to embody, and that’s a good feeling.

I was excited to see that by my off-hand calculations I’m over 20% done. Then of course I realize that I set my goal at 65,000 words even though I actually have no idea how many words it’s going to take to write all that I want to express here. Maybe that 65k will be accurate, or maybe it will take 75k, or only 50k. Still I find my little widgets are encouraging to update, so until I get much further into the book I’ll stick with 65,000 words as my goal.

Hope everyone else’s week goes well and the writing flows easily!

Here’s the blog hop link for today’s check-in.

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4 Responses to Back on track

  1. Gloria Weber says:

    I’m not very good at the whole guessing thing either. I can feel if the story I want to tell is long enough (for a book or not), which I guess is better than nothing. Hope your writing continues to feed the widgets. They like that. Happy writing!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Feeding the widgets! I like that concept. Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. My first drafts are always long- like 125K words. So I just plan for that length, but remember that it’s an approximation, not a clear bulls-eye.

    You’re getting closer to the end, and that’s what matters! =D

  4. Jennifer says:

    So true! Thanks, Shan.

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