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Choosing to trust — 5 Comments

  1. Great decision to do this. I’ve often done the same thing and set word count goals when revising. The flexibility of ROW80 is one of the best things about it, though!

  2. Thanks to you both. I’m definitely still figuring out my process and what works.

  3. I too have changed the way I look at progress in this round. I think pushing to make more quantity may degrade the quality of my written work…so I have adjusted how I view progress.

  4. I changed up my goals, too. My laptop had a charging issue, and I had to wait for a new adapter and charger to arrive (warranties are cool!).

    Happy you’re moving forward with the editing – and I’m still giggling about the popcorn kittens and shiny squirrels. I think I’ve met those a time or ten!