Hello, new Round of Words!

ROW80And hello to all the other participants in this Round. I’m still here, still scratching away on this book. Mostly creating graphics right now, which is a challenge in a whole other way than writing is.

My goal for this round is simple: to continue to focus on just this one project and to continue to push it towards completion. I will not, I swear it, let myself get distracted by all the other possible projects that tempt me to fizzle out on this one and skip to something else. I will focus.

And I will check in at least once a week, and skip around the blogs a bit to encourage others. Many thanks to all who have offered that kind of support to me in earlier rounds.

Here’s the blog hop link for today’s check-ins. Lots of great writers out there, writing away.



Hello, new Round of Words! — 5 Comments

  1. Wonderful goal! I wish I could pull that one off. But… I can’t speak for your experience, but I have actually found it harder to focus on one story when distraction rears its ugly head and I try to force myself to stay on track. When I give in a little (usually a paragraph or two, sometime just a sentence or another story), I find I can focus easier.

  2. I just don’t dare. I keep starting and stopping and never finishing. I have to break my habit here!

    Thanks for the encouragement, though. It means a lot.