Jumping in again

ROW80Since giving up on word counts, I’ve continued to work in a fiddly sort of way, writing bits and pieces and keeping lots of notes. But I haven’t made sustained progress for some time.

So, hello, Round of Words people! I am jumping into the New Year’s Round with a new goal, a simple goal: One hour of work every weekday.

That means a full hour with all distractions off. No games or Internet, no books other than my own or necessary reference books, not even going up to do housework. Nothing but my own work. If no words come and I can’t get into editing then I’ll just sit here twiddling my thumbs, but I’ll do it for an entire hour.

As before, I’ll check in at least once each week. That’s my goal and my promise to myself. It’s time to get it done.

Here is the link list for this ROW80 check-in.



Jumping in again — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks folks.

    I couldn’t make word counts work for me because I really need to edit a bit as I go, and trying to make a count I was always too hesitant to cut stuff. Which was silly but it was real.

    So I’m going to try to measure sheer effort. I hope this will work better for the way I write.

    Good luck to you all as well!