Slow week

ROW80The chest cold that hit our household last weekend turned out to be much harsher than I expected. We both spent two full days struggling to breath, and when that phase passed I felt as if my chest had been kicked by horses inside. I wheezed and coughed for several days after.

By Friday I was able to sit down and work for an hour, and I was glad of that, but it was still a struggle. My breathing problems left me with very little energy.

So let’s rank last week at only 20% of goal time spent, but there was really nothing that could have been done. When that sort of illness hits all you can do it take care of yourself and wait it out.

I am hopeful that I’ll meet goal this week, as long as I take care and don’t push too hard beyond that. I have a few household projects that I need to get done as well, but mostly I intend to get a full night’s sleep every night and keep moving slowly.

Meanwhile, here is the blog hop link for today’s check-in. Best wishes to everyone!


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