200 Eggs Draft Cover

200 Eggs a Year

So here is my first draft of a cover for the chicken book. For some reason I was drawn to this very spare, modern style for the cover, which I admit is an odd choice for a turn-of-the-century book. But I like it. And I never use Swiss fonts, but it works for me here.

So, Fabrice did an edit on my foreword and page blurb, and I’m doing one last edit of the manuscript. And of course I am still picking up odds and ends of errors here and there. The multiplying typos strike again! But I may get it into KDP this weekend. I can’t wait.

Then, it’s on to the next project. I have 20-30 other old garden and farm books I want to publish eventually. And in August I’m going to NaNoWriMo Camp for the month, so I’ll have to make more room for fiction again. I’m having a busy summer, but I’m happy.

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