IP Lawyers – How and why and who

This is a link post, gathering together a bunch of items regarding IP lawyers for vetting publishing contracts. I wanted to gather all this stuff together so I could find it easily later on.

• Originally found via today’s Business Rusch blog post by Kris Rusch, which has great details about lawyers and contracts, including invaluable information about dubious contract clauses.

• More on the subject from Passive Guy, who is writing a book on IP contracts that you should watch out for.

• Laura Resnick on Why Should a Writer Hire a Lawyer, and from Laura’s Writers Resource Page, a list of literary lawyers she recommends.

• Following up with a post by Annie Reed, in which she insists that Lawyers Are Just People Too. I know quite a few (mostly non-IP) lawyers, and can vouch for the truth of that.

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