Checking in

I’ve been neglecting the blog posts as I work through NaNo Camp and also continue a new PD garden book (the next one is the first volume of Cassell’s Popular Gardening, a huge turn-of-the-century English gardening encyclopedia). Monster projects, both of them. As expected, I have fallen badly behind on my NoNo word count, but I’m still in there. Cassell’s is maybe 1/3 done at this point, so lots of work to do yet.

Anyway, I have a few random links so I’ll throw them up, and then it’s back to work.

• A few more indie authors have sales information up. J.A. Marlow reports on several months of progress of her self-published work. She includes results from her participation in Smashwords summer sale. Annie Bellet reviews her first year of indie publishing. She includes a report on her sales using an unknown pen name, selling stories with no marketing efforts. And Marion Harmon talks about sales with reference to his decision to change prices from .99 to 2.99. Interesting stuff.

• Here’s a useful post at Bards and Sages, on genre definitions. I found it very helpful in sorting through how to focus some work that blurs genre lines around the edges.

• And this is good news: Amazon has begun to crack down on some of the spam books that have cluttered up the Kindle store. These aren’t legitimate public domain editions, but rather reposted spam material that can be bought in bulk and republished as Kindle titles, over and over again.

That’s it from me, probably for the week. Busy! Back soon!

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3 Responses to Checking in

  1. J.A. Marlow says:

    Thank you for the mention! I’m off to check the numbers on the other authors you mentioned. I love it when other authors talk about numbers.

    Good luck on Camp Nano!

  2. And that decision has paid off–but take a look at my author page (you might want to edit your mention).

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