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More on sales — 2 Comments

  1. Jennifer,

    I am happy to share my sales data, as mediocre as they are. I know it will sound like a cliche when I say this…but, I’ve wanted to write for a long time.

    It’s really interesting, though. I’m finding that so many little things about this process bring me happiness, like when people find my blog, read my book, post comments, buy my book, post reviews, and on and on. It’s really nice to get these pick-me-ups when you aren’t expecting them.

    Oh, and I know a lot of people follow J.A. Konrath. I began reading his blog in 2009 when I first started writing Belvoir. I was in agreement with him when he was saying that writers should try the traditional route first. But then the publishing market changed, and so did a lot of peoples’ minds about traditional and self-publishing. It’s hard work. But nothing truly worth having and being appreciated comes easily.


  2. Thanks for that, Shelia, and it’s wonderful to hear about your experience. Keep writing, and I hope it always continues to enrich your life.