My task next week will be to create cover art for Last Night, while the story itself is being edited by my beta reader (i.e. my very smart and well-read husband). I have a general idea, I’ve picked out some art for the background, and way back when I was a professional typesetter, so I think I can pull off something at least acceptable. As I work on the cover, I’ll post my drafts here.

All of which is just a lead-in to an article at The Awl, Six Writers Tell All About Covers and Blurbs. These are traditionally published commercial authors, and their stories are fun to read. Sometimes the frustration shines through.

I absolutely hated the cover of my first book. I complained a little and they changed it enough to make me hate it so much more! So the moral of the story there is, no matter how bad it is it can always be made worse with hot-pink “I Dream of Jeannie” harem pants.

Seems that covers are one area where a lot of authors struggle at times with their lack of control. Of course, as a self-published writer, you have the burden of coming up with your own artwork, either alone or by paying for it. So there’s no simple answer here.

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