ROW80Well, I didn’t really need any more distractions this week, but my computer crashed last night anyway. Somehow Windows trashed the Master Boot Record when the crash happened, and I had to reinstall my operating system entirely.

So today I’m sitting around reinstalling software. Fortunately we are doing Thanksgiving home alone and have all the food already on hand, so other than making a pumpkin cheesecake my week’s schedule is loose. I’ll let you know Sunday how the writing has gone, once the computer is dealt with.

Here’s the blog hop link for today’s check-in.

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4 Responses to Crash!

  1. Ow! Man, I’ve had that happen to me several times. It’s gotten to the point that I just shrug and start the re-installation process again, but then, I’ve long since taken to storing my important data on removable hard drives and Dropbox and the like. I have a lot of redundancy built in, now.

    Now, when I’m just real bored and got nothing better to do for a week, I might just wipe my computer and do a full system re-install just for fun, but that usually means I’ve lost my mind again, because it’s never fun after the third failed attempt to get the system back up and running, and I have to ask myself what the HELL I was thinking, to think this would be a FUN thing to do, by CHOICE. And then I forget all that again in the happy feeling of a fresh, pristine, customized install that only has what I want it to have.

    But that’s just me.

    In any case, I know the pain of a complete system crash and having to rebuild everything. It can take forever! Best of luck to you!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Well your story made me laugh. I am also wrapped in redundant data backups these days, so the reinstall is mostly a waste of time and an irritation. Thanks for the good wishes!

  3. Ooooohhhhh…dang. No fun. =*( Did you have a backup of all your work? Hope the writing went well after the computer was back up & running!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Yeah, I have backups of everything. It cost me a couple of days but no work was lost.

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