Heading into the holidays

ROW80This week went smoothly, and I wrote 1205 new words, passing my 1000 word goal for the week. So far, so great!

Now we head into the challenging part of the year, when there are lots of holidays and Mr. J has lots of vacation time off. I always have a hard time focusing when he’s off work and we tend to goof off more than usual (that’s why they call it vacation!). I don’t have an actual job and haven’t in some years since I’ve freelanced since I left The Nature Conservancy. That means I don’t have a particular schedule (unless I’m on a contract for something) and I don’t have regular time off.

It’s an unusual way to live, I admit. But I’m determined to keep to my word count goals even as this holiday season gears up and hubby’s vacation begins.

Here’s the blog hop link for today’s check-in.

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  1. Fallon says:

    good luck with sticking to your goals. I tend to get thrown off when my husband/kids are home too. Messes up my regular routine.

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