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Steady progress — 5 Comments

  1. Great progress. May the words continue! I’m noticing you have several WIPs listed. Are you working on all of them at the same time???? I tried that once and found I can only work on one wip at a time, even though other ideas scrabble for attention. 65,000 sounds like a good goal. I did doublecheck to find that word length varies by genre and sci fic tends to be longer. All the best for a good writing week.

  2. Thanks, Marina!

    And thank you too, Beth. I am actually only working on one project right now. I have several projects listed, which I have worked on over the past year or two, because I kept hitting a wall at a certain point and not knowing how to continue.

    As you can imagine, this was really frustrating to me. So I’ve been using ROW80 to try and train myself to a steady focus on one project only. Because you are so right, it doesn’t work for me to try and start over and over. I need to learn how to follow through.

    But the other projects are still alive in my imagination, so I keep them here to think about for what comes next.