Progress and restructuring

ROW80Some progress on new words this week, 888 total on the book which still leaves me behind my ROW80 goal by 1112 words. But that’s not the important thing that happened this week.

I think I finally see the general outline of the rest of the book. Remember, this is a nonfiction work so my task is to present all the technical and explanatory info I need, and nothing more. I was aiming for 65,000 words pretty much at random, because I needed a goal of some sort. But now I think I’ll hit the end way before that. Current estimate is that the book will end up closer to 45,000 words. If I’m correct about that (and I’m pretty sure I’ll be within 5k of that target), then I’m way closer to the end than I had thought.

I’ve adjusted my Arbitrary Widget to reflect that fact. And I’ll keep working to hit my 1000 words/week goal, to push through to the end of the writing wherever that end is. But some of what I’m experiencing as a slowdown is actually my internal work of figuring out what I need to write. I have a hard time figuring out which of those two things are going on sometimes, and I worry that I’m not getting enough done when in fact the work is happening in my head.

Reading back through the draft I see that it is (unsurprisingly) a mess, so the editing process that comes next will be intensive too. But that’s a worry for another day. For now, I’ll keep chugging on.

Here’s the link for the blog hop for this check-in. I hope everyone’s work is going well.

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