Never gonna stop

ROW80This is my final check-in for the first iteration of Round of Words 2016. My plan is to continue with my current five-day-a-week work goal during the ROW80 break, and I will still check-in here on Monday mornings.

For me, this Round has been an unqualified success, even though on a small scale. I’ve learned quite a lot by doing more drawing than writing. The two forms of creation are different but the acting of creating has a lot of similarities. I learned about myself and how I go about composing, the ways in which I am drawn to small details and have to learn how to fill in the bigger picture. About how little faith I have in myself and how hard I have to work to keep bolstering my confidence.

I kept up with my goals during this Round of Words. Each month I did a consistent number of hours of work. I actually managed to maintain something like a regular schedule without balking and running away. This is a great, good thing for me, and something I can build on.

Many thanks to the various ROW80 peeps who have shown up offering encouragement. I appreciated it very much. I plan to continue on through the break, but it’s definitely easier when you have a group to share with.

Once again, this is the blog hop link for today’s check-in. Good luck to everyone this week and through the break!


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