Almost finished…with one picture

ROW80I came up short in meeting my goal time this week. We are in the middle of getting a new roof for our house (the old one was damaged in a wind storm), and also got involved in our neighbor’s landscaping project which included replacing our mutual fence. I’m very happy with how things are going so far (the fence is awesome; the roof is not replaced yet but we’ve dealt with the insurance part), but it took up a couple days of my week.

So my spreadsheet shows that I only hit 60% of goal this week, which is, well, weak. Must do better this time, and in fact have already done today’s scheduled time.

The good news is that this incredibly intricate drawing is close to finished. I may even finish it this week if I push a little, and that’s my hope. This is only one portion of the entire project of course. Not only writing and editing still to finish but several more pictures as well (though much simpler and therefore quicker ones). But at this point I’m very happy with the look of this illustration. And finishing any sub-project is always positive for me, and helps me continue working.

Here is the blog hop link for today’s check-in. May everyone finish their goals in satisfying ways!

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2 Responses to Almost finished…with one picture

  1. Our roof was damaged in the recent wind storm, too. The roofers can’t get to it until July, but at least they came out and did a quick patch. It’s tough to focus on the goals when all that other life stuff is going on. Good for you getting as much done as you did, and here’s hoping this week will be better!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Jennette! Here’s to getting all roofs finished as soon as possible.

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