Back to work

ROW80This past week went better, as I managed to put in about 90% of my goal time. I’m still struggling with the final bits of this artwork, because of course as usual I’ve left the messiest bits for last. But I’m slowly getting through them, bit by bit by bit.

And this morning there is sunshine again, which makes me really happy. Colorado is supposed to be sunny, dammit, and day after day of gray gloom is not normal here. But that’s what we had for the past week, and it didn’t help my mood at all let me tell you. If only it stays sunny, perhaps we can finally get the new roof put on, and maybe I can get out to work in my garden beds some more. Planting time will be here soon, so digging time is now. Or will be if it doesn’t start snowing again.

Meanwhile, here is today’s blog hop link. I hope there’s sunshine for everyone!



Back to work — 2 Comments

  1. You would think that sunshine every day would be great, but when I lived in Colorado, I kind of got tired of it. Here in Wisconsin, we totally appreciate those 12 days of sunshine we get in a year!

  2. I bet you do!

    I love winters here usually, but this long string of gray cold days kind of got to me.