Heading into the holidays

ROW80This week went smoothly, and I wrote 1205 new words, passing my 1000 word goal for the week. So far, so great!

Now we head into the challenging part of the year, when there are lots of holidays and Mr. J has lots of vacation time off. I always have a hard time focusing when he’s off work and we tend to goof off more than usual (that’s why they call it vacation!). I don’t have an actual job and haven’t in some years since I’ve freelanced since I left The Nature Conservancy. That means I don’t have a particular schedule (unless I’m on a contract for something) and I don’t have regular time off.

It’s an unusual way to live, I admit. But I’m determined to keep to my word count goals even as this holiday season gears up and hubby’s vacation begins.

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Busy week

ROW80I’m doing well on the ROW80 goals for the week. With nearly 700 new words written I’ve officially hit the 25% mark on my arbitrary book widget and am on track to easily hit a thousand words this week. And I haven’t even started today’s writing yet.

Mostly busy with the business side of self-publishing. I decided to move my two short stories from Smashwords to Draft2Digital. So far the process has been fairly straightforward, with only some initial formatting errors so that I had to compile one new Epub file.

I am so glad that from the start I organized all my business and writing folders carefully. I put all the artwork in a folder under the story name and also have a clearly marked folder for the final versions of the publication files, separate from the working Scrivener files. That makes it pretty easy to double-check the metadata and recompile a new Epub. I have to say — and this makes me very happy — Scrivener always outputs perfect Epub files for me. I love that program.

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A good week

ROW80I managed to write 1595 total new words this week, not only hitting my initial goal but also making up for last week’s deficit, which was my secondary goal. I’m really happy about this. Being behind is something that can easily drop me into feeling like a failure, and it’s hard to recover from that. So jumping back in and catching up entirely is a wonderful thing and a good skill for me to practice.

It’s especially triumphant because I have for many years played World of Warcraft, and this week a new expansion was released, which meant both Mr. J and I spent a good amount of time playing in the newly opened content. That was a lot of fun, but of course it’s important that the fun not keep me from pursuing my writing goals.

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Back on track

ROW80Writing goes well this week. I’m already over 700 words in, so on track to get my 1500 for this week to make up for last week’s deficit. And my mind is full of ideas and paragraphs for what needs to be written next. I’m getting a handle on the voice I want the book to embody, and that’s a good feeling.

I was excited to see that by my off-hand calculations I’m over 20% done. Then of course I realize that I set my goal at 65,000 words even though I actually have no idea how many words it’s going to take to write all that I want to express here. Maybe that 65k will be accurate, or maybe it will take 75k, or only 50k. Still I find my little widgets are encouraging to update, so until I get much further into the book I’ll stick with 65,000 words as my goal.

Hope everyone else’s week goes well and the writing flows easily!

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Not enough – ROW80 check-in

ROW80Well, I got 514 words this week, so I missed my goal for the first time. I’ve resolved to add the other 500 onto next week’s goal, so next week I need to get 1500 words written.

I took copious extra notes on bits and pieces that I need to write yet, but they aren’t actual new words so they don’t count! Write more, Jennifer. That’s the lesson for next week.

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A few more words…

ROW80I wrote some on Monday, but gave Tuesday up to the election news. I’m a Democrat, and deeply liberal, so gave today up to political analysis of what happened yesterday too.

So tomorrow I’ll get back to work and on Sunday we’ll see whether I make my goal. I really don’t want to break my streak, so I’ll push on that.

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Letting myself draft – ROW80

ROW80I struggle to let the words out. It’s why I’m working with such a small goal for this Round of Words, because my inner editor tends to berate me when my words are imperfect. And they are always imperfect, right? So this Round I am practicing success. I practice letting myself draft. I practice telling the editor to go away for now. Editing will come later.

And this week I met my goal once again, writing 1051 new words over the course of the week. So yay, me!

The worries still haunt me, of course. Going slow is slow, and that does not satisfy in all kinds of ways. I worry that I’ll never finish, and I worry (still) that it will never be better than awful. But here I am, slogging along nonetheless. Thank you, ROW80, for letting me have this space.

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Words – ROW80

Hi folks. We just got in from MileHi Con, where we had a wonderful time. I’m too pooped to type much about it now, but tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll have a few things to say.

But I wanted to report that I did reach my goal this week, writing 1141 new words on the book. That was good progress and I am pleased.

More soon. Hope you’re all meeting your goals.

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Briefly, ROW80 Check-in

ROW80The word count is going well this week. I seem to be past most of the deleting for now, and for Monday and Tuesday finished 528 new words. I only have today and tomorrow to work this week, as Mr. J and I are spending Fri-Sun at Colorado’s MileHi Con, a local science fiction and fantasy convention. But I’m thinking I can hit a thousand words even so. I’ll check in Sunday sometime after we get back.

Hope your goals are going well, everyone!

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